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Mario "B" Gonzalez

Mario "B" Gonzalez

Founder & Director

With 25 years of experience and counting, Mario B has appeared on 5 reality shows, multiple movies, music videos, danced off broadway, performed and taught in over 36 countries, and now hosts 8 congresses and festivals within the United States. This includes the largest Latin dance festival in the world, hosting two thousand guests per night, the New York International Salsa Congress. With his experiences, Mario B has lectured at New York University and is now a yearly guest resident professor at Arizona State University teaching and lecturing their dance programs and community.

Mario B is full of knowledge, wisdom, and history from his tenure working with many legendary bands and artists including El Gran Combo, La Sonora Ponceña, and most of the Fania All-Stars (just to name a few). He has performed on and choreographed for stages of all sizes, including the biggest stage in the world, Madison Square Garden.

Mario B has established one of the most reputable dance schools in New Jersey called Salsa Fever On2 Dance Academy. Today, Mario B is one of the most humble, loved, and well-respected dancers in the dance community and is now considered the ambassador of Salsa.

Read more about Mario’s accomplishments here.

Michal Peer

Michal Peer

Mambo Instructor

Israeli dancer, performer, instructor & choreographer.

Michal started her Salsa journey 8 years ago while she was living in South America.
The journey led her to NYC, where she trained intensively & performed with some of the best dancers in the world.

Fun fact: Michal also completed a highly intensive year-long Latin dance teachers certification course focusing on all of the most important secrets of teaching the Latin styles and leading.

Masters in Salsa On2 / Mambo, Cha Cha, Pachanga, Body Movement & technique.

Tracy Everitt

Tracy Everitt

Ballroom Instructor

Mr. Everitt was in four original Broadway casts, beginning at 14 years old: (1) West Side Story, (2) Bye Bye Birdie, (3) The World of Suzy Wong (with William Shatner), and (4) lead dancer/understudy to lead actor in “How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”.

He was a ballroom dance teacher for 5 years with Sandra Cameron Dance Center, the most popular ballroom center for decades.

Lincoln Center chose him to dance the original choreography of ballroom dances of Fred Astaire for a gala celebrating Astaire’s birth.

His duet he choreographed for himself and Liza Minnelli on the “Judy Garland Christmas Show” is a Youtube favorite and is shown all over the world every Christmas since it first aired.

Johanny Valencia

Johanny Valencia

Salsa Partner Work Instructor

Johanny Valencia began his dance journey in 2000 as part of the University of Pennsylvania dance troupe known as Onda Latina.

“I would have never imagined myself dancing in front of anyone let alone performing for hundreds of people. I just wanted to share in the smiles I saw light up everyone’s faces when they were dancing.”

He later came to find his true love for Salsa as a student at Salsa Fever On2 in 2010. Under the tutelage of Mario B and his team, Johanny gained the skills to go on to perform for numerous dance schools and troupes.

“I strive to inspire those around me and help them see the same beauty I see in Salsa.”

With hundreds of performances under his belt, Johanny uses this plethora of experiences to encourage and motivate people through their own dance journeys.

Naveed Khawaja

Naveed Khawaja


Naveed discovered his passion for salsa while attending his best friend’s performance. During his service in the Army, Naveed dedicated himself to partnerwork, honing his skills in Germany studying under various instructors, including well-known international instructor Super Mario.

After leaving the Army, Naveed returned to New Jersey and became a high school teacher. He continues to share his appreciation for dance by teaching and traveling to attend events.

Krista Ponti

Krista Ponti

Ladies' Styling Instructor

Krista was raised in a multicultural community that effortlessly celebrated diversity and had a deep appreciation of the arts.

In 2003, Krista became a teacher in Toms River, NJ and from 2009-2014, she directed and choreographed the school play. In 2013, Krista fell in love with salsa when she joined a choreography directed by Daniel Asin, a former member of the Chilean Ballet Company.

In 2014, Krista walked into Salsa Fever on 2 Dance Academy and never looked back. As a mentor, instructor, and friend, Mario inspired and trained Krista in his fail-proof methods of teaching dance. When she completed his program, he took her on as a work study member of the team and continued to train her until she finally became a member of various performance teams and assisted in class instruction. After a few years, Krista trained with other instructors such as Melanie Torres and Franklin Diaz who also became large influences on her ongoing journey to develop her movement and style.

In 2019, she started teaching a beginner’s turns and styling class that compliments the progressive curriculum developed by Mario Gonzalez at Salsa Fever on 2 Dance Academy.

Jariel La Salsa

Jariel La Salsa

Body Isolations Instructor

Jariel Garcia is a professional Latin music dancer, performer, instructor, and choreographer from NYC, who inspires people to explore a variety of possibilities through body movement. For Jariel, dancing is his favorite way of self expression.

Jariel began performing with Universal Mambo Dance Academy (UMDA) 15 years ago in Orlando, FL, and has danced all across America, Curacao, Mexico, Dominican Republic, China, Japan, and Canada.

Jariel has instructed and lead workshops in the US and around the world, teaching all levels of salsa and bachata. He has taught in several dance companies, including Salsa Heat and Island Touch in Florida; Salsa in the Heights and JLS in NYC; Fiesta Dance School in China; Salrica and Semeneya in Texas; and Cadence Dance Company in Canada.

Jariel has put together a variety of creative choreographies for himself and other performers. His patience and easygoing demeanor allow students to learn at their own pace, and put their dancing tools and skills in display at social dances and live performances.

Jariel is the Founder and currently the lead instructor at Jariel La Salsa Dance Company in NYC.

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