Do you have parking available?

We have free parking available at the school’s (P.S. #8) parking lot across the street. You can find it by putting “30 Hancock Ave, Jersey City, NJ, 07307” into your GPS.

Make sure to stop by the studio to grab a parking pass to put on your dashboard!

What is "On2"?

The “On 2” style is NY-style salsa. The music we dance to is counted in 2 four-beat measures (4/4 time). A “break step” is the step that you change the direction of your momentum. When your break step falls on the second and sixth beat of the music, then you are dancing “On 2”. On that second beat of the music, leads step back with their right foot, and follows step forward with their left foot.

The largest concentration of “On 2” dancers is in New York City and New Jersey. However, there are a growing number of students dancing “On 2” in California, Chicago, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Canada, Italy, etc.

What are "shines"?

“Shines” are steps that you can perform after you break out into your own solo moves. They provide an opportunity for you to, well, shine!

What are "cycled classes"?

We teach our core level classes in 6-week progressive cycles. Each progressive class builds upon prior material, with the last, 6th week class being a “drill” to assess whether you are ready for the next level. Thus, we don’t recommend students join the level classes mid-cycle.

What is the structure of the "cycled classes"?

For the first 5 weeks of the cycle, you will begin each class by warming up with the shines taught in previous classes. Following this, we spend half the class learning a new set of shines, followed by the other half of class learning a new turn pattern and drilling previous turn patterns.

For the 6th week of the cycle, you will demonstrate your mastery over the cycle’s material through a “drill”, during which the instructors will assess whether you will be able to progress to the next level.

How do I begin my salsa journey?

In order to begin taking the cycled classes, you must be comfortable with your fundamentals and understand the timing and musicality of music.

We recommend taking as many pre-beginner classes as you need to feel solid in your fundamentals (usually 4 – 6 classes), and you are required to take the Timing and Musicality workshop. Details for this can be found in our class details section.

Do I need dance shoes?

For the pre-beginner class, dance shoes are optional. For all other classes, dance shoes are required.

We do sell dance shoes at the studio, but if you’d like to purchase them separately, we’d recommend looking for shoes with suede bottoms. The initial fit of the shoes should be snug, as they will stretch!

If I have previous dance experience, what level should I be?

We would recommend that you take one of our pre-beginner classes so that the founder and director of our school, Mario, can assess which level you should attend.

Can I videotape the class?

We ask that you do not videotape the class, however we understand that you will want to practice what you’ve learned later, and video is better than memory. As a compromise, we are willing to videotape you doing the step or turn pattern after class, including making sure that you have it right.

Where can I apply what I've learned in class?

The material taught at Salsa Fever on 2 Dance Academy is structured for use in social dancing. There are social dancing opportunities every day of the week, available in various parts of New Jersey and New York. You can either find them by googling, or by asking the instructors of our school for recommendations!

FREE Parking at 20 Hancock Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07307 . A short walk about 100 feet.

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